Supporting Education in the Law at Camden County College


As a service to the public, the Corbett Law Firm sponsors a program of education in a variety of business-related subjects. Lawyer John Corbett is the instructor for all courses. Currently, they are being offered as part of the Small Business Institute series at the Camden County College and carry continuing education credit. For further information and registration details, select the Small Business Institute link on the webpage of the Office of Continuing Education, Camden County College, or call 856-374-4955.


Courses are usually given at the Blackwood, New Jersey campus on Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:00 PM.  Scheduling details are subject to change.  Please refer to the latest online or printed course catalog.


Offerings include courses in starting a business, operating businesses, landlord and tenant law, and using the Small Claims Court to collect money owed to you. A brief description of the courses that are scheduled for the near future is given below.




Description: Whether you are leasing a house, managing a multi-unit apartment complex or just renting a room for the school year, you can benefit from this how-to approach to New Jersey landlord/tenant law. This course is primarily intended for landlords and their managing agents but will also benefit tenants who want to know their rights. The course covers the things you should look for in leases, what you can do to check out a tenant before leasing, the rights and responsibilities on both sides, security deposits, right to renew, dealing with late rent payment, grounds for eviction and required notices to quit. The student will also learn how to file and prosecute or defend a suit for eviction and the basics of filing suits for unpaid rent, excess damage, and return of security deposits. (Course CE‑BUS 015‑51; two evening sessions.)




Description: Does somebody owe you or your business money? Did your tenant leave without paying the rent? Does your business have trouble with collections? Learn how to use the courts to collect without having to hire a lawyer. This course teaches you how to prosecute (or defend) suits in the New Jersey Small Claims Court by yourself. The student will learn how to sue for money owed, damage to property, unpaid rent, return of rental security deposits, and many other claims for money damages. Even businesses that sell out-of-state or over the Internet can do this with proper preparation. The student will also learn how to collect money damage after the court awards judgment. This course is ideal for business owners, managers, and landlords. (Course CE‑BUS 016‑51; two evening sessions.)




Description: This course provides the practical knowledge of the law needed to set up a business.  Topics include the steps of business formation and registration, features of operating and buyout agreements, capital contributions, adjusting compensation among working and investing owners, and how early choices affect the taxation and income of the owner or owners. Also covered are selection, ownership and protection of the business name, the legal significance of job titles; and avoiding infringement suits. The LLC and S-Corp forms are highlighted; alternative forms are discussed and compared. (Course CE‑BUS 012‑51; two evening sessions.)




Description: This course is a legal survival guide for owners of small businesses or those planning to start one. The student will learn about contract types, formation, and enforcement; sales and warranty; secured transactions; negotiable instruments and other commercial paper; dealing confidently with agents, contractors, employees, banks, carriers, sureties, insurers, and the government; how to collect debts and resolve disputes; and what to expect of your lawyer and the court system. (Course CE‑BUS 013‑51; two evening sessions.)